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Company Description

SABRN Tech is focused in improving Planetary Health by creating circular economies with waste (especially plastic waste) recycling or reutilisation.

Company Capabilities

SABRN Tech will aim to improve plastic waste recycling and reutilisation systems throughout metropolitan and rural South Australia

Quality Assurance Details

SABRN Tech is a startup

Major Current or Recently Completed Work

SABRN Tech is a startup - currently it is doing a feasibility study with Western Hospital in improving clinical waste recycling and reutilisation

Plant & Equipment

SABRN Tech is in the process of acquiring a Sterimelt and Massmelt device to enhance compaction of plastic waste for recycling and reutilisation

Company Advantage

SABRN Tech will be the only company in South Australia using novel Sterimelt and Massmelt technologies to recycle or reutilise plastic waste in this manner

Company Information
  • SABRN Tech Pty Ltd
  • 22 618 349 410
  • 2017
  • 0434 144 614
Further Information
  • Abhilash (Abe) Chandra
  • Founder
  • 0434144614
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