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21 George Street, Port Pirie SA, Australia

Company Capabilities

SJ Cheesman was established in 1908 as a blacksmith shop, servicing the busy port of Pirie. The company has grown over the years and is now a heavy plate fabricator to the mining, smelting and general process industries in Australia. The company deals in the areas of Metal Fabrication, Machining, Labour Hire, and more.
As a company we are committed to providing metal trade services to a wide range of industries including the various demands of the large mining and processing industries of Australia.

SJ Cheesman has a skilled labour force of approximately 40 people, with the ability to complete large construction projects while still being able to manufacture precision components.

Quality Assurance Details

In House to satisfy Clients requirements based on ISO 9001

SJ Cheesman is a long-standing regional company who has a high regard for safety in the workplace.

SJ Cheesman is focused and motivated to ensure our Health, Safety, Welfare, Environmental and Management Policies and Procedures are continually striving for key performance indicators along with a compliant safety record in our area of expertise.

Our focus is to strive for ongoing development in all aspects of OHW&S with constant support in all areas from the managers, supervisors and staff. Our policies and procedures cover a multitude of areas relating to all work that is conducted under our manufacturing and engineering banner, with ongoing support from all areas SJ Cheesman believes that we are focused on reaching our safety goals.

Major Current or Recently Completed Work

Downer Rail - Loco Under Frame Components

Plant & Equipment

Press to 300 Ton

Scope of Activities

• 60 plus years of solid reputation for delivering broad range of metal trade services
• Renowned plate fabricator and precision component manufacturer
• Services include plate rolling, pressing, guillotining, shearing, and punching
• Profile cutting services
• Welding specialists – MMAW, GMAW (MIG), FCAW & GTAW (TIG) including exotic metals
• Manual and CNC Machining capability including ‘in-situ’ machining
• Extensive metal fabrication skills built over 112 years of business operations
• Ability to assess, analyse and rebuild rotables including ‘on site’ work as well workshop
• Provision of highly skilled labour across metal trades – including shutdown and specialised maintenance
• Project management and execution of shutdown scopes of work
• Industrial surface treatment – blasting, painting, epoxy coating

Site Facilities

SJ Cheesman can provide a wide range of our workshop services on customers site. Our workers carry a diverse range of qualifications, licenses and clearances and are happy to undertake site-specific training and inductions.
Our services include but are not limited to:

 Site fitting and maintenance

 Site boiler making/welding, including onsite pipe and pressure vessel repair

 Site painting

 Installing

 Commissioning

Specialist Services

Our fitting and machining shop is equipped provide a wide range of machining process.

 Machining, drilling, turning, boring, threading a wide variety of parts

 Turning capability up to 1200mm and 6m

 CNC turning for repeated jobs to ensure that each item has identical dimensions

 3D CNC milling a wide range of operations including surfacing, drilling, boring, thread cutting and chamfering

 Overhaul and fitting of industrial equipment; bearings, fans, shafts, motors, and couplers

 HAAS SL30 Big Bore CNC Lathe, 380mm dia hydraulic chuck, 80mm dia spindle bore, 12 tool turret station capable of max turning diameter 380mm, max length between centres - 600mm

 AJAX FEL-2800x1600 CNC Lathe, 400mm dia 3 jaw chuck, 500mm dia 4 jaw chuck 105mm dia spindle bore, 8 tool turret station, maximum turning dia 520mm, maximum between centres - 1400mm

 Correa Euro 2000 CNC Vertical Gantry Milling Machine, ISO 40 spindle taper, bed of
- 2000mmx1000mm, travel x2000mm y1250mm z650mm, max weight on table 5000kgs

 CME-BF03 CNC Bed Milling Machine with Universal Head, ISO 50 spindle taper, bed of
- 2200mmx850mm, travel x2000mm y900mm z900mm, maximum weight on table 5700kgs

Major Customers

• Nyrstar
• OZ Minerals
• Downer Mining
• Progress Rail
• Max Cranes
• McMahon Services
• Svitzer
• Hazell Bros
• Southern Launch
• GFG Alliance

Company Information
  • S.J. Cheesman
  • 28 008 179 708
  • 1908
  • 21 George Street
  • 0886321044
Further Information
  • Hugh Richter
  • Managing Director
  • 0488015928
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