Company Description

PREDICT Australia is a subsidiary of PREDICT, a French company with over 20 years' experience providing digital tools for Predictive Maintenance and asset usage optimisation. PREDICT Australia, incorporated in South Australia in 2018, provides advanced Predictive Maintenance solutions across the Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy sectors to reduce maintenance costs, increase availability and optimise processes.

Our flagship platform KASEM® (Knowledge and Advanced Services for E-Maintenance) is configured for our customers to provide insights in the health and usage of their assets/operations that enable them to act, saving on associated maintenance costs and increasing the availability of assets.

KASEM® is a collaborative platform for big data analysis, enabling the early detection of dysfunctions through the design of data-driven/physics-based indicators. KASEM® also includes tools for data investigation, health assessment, event treatment/resolution, prognosis, root-cause analysis, diagnosis, automated reporting, tracking maintenance tasks, etc.

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North Terrace & Frome Road, Adelaide SA, Australia

Company Capabilities

Remote asset monitoring
Detection of dysfunctions up to 6 months in advance
Individual and multi-site management
Time-to-failure/Remaining useful life prediction
Machine Learning for knowledge improvement
Diagnosis of the root causes of failures
Early detection of operational inefficiencies
Integration, use and update of HAZOP, FMECA, Root Cause Analysis

Quality Assurance Details

PREDICT Australia has a Quality Management Process in line with the ISO 9001 family of quality management standards

Major Current or Recently Completed Work

PREDICT Australia is currently working in the Mining and Energy sectors. PREDICT Australia provides solutions for a Mining company in the Pacific region. PREDICT Australia is also currently working with an energy company in South America on the commissioning of a new biomass power plant.

Scope of Activities

PREDICT Australia provides products and services to enable our clients to take control of their data to increase the reliability of their assets. KASEM® (Knowledge and Advanced Services for E-Maintenance) is PREDICT Australia's flagship cloud-based Predictive Maintenance platform that enables teams to access the information required to act early and avoid unnecessary downtimes. PREDICT Australia also provides the specialised engineering and data science services for the configuration of our solutions

Company Advantage

PREDICT Australia's competitive advantage is in the 20+ years of expertise, industry experience and research that has gone into our proven technologies and methodologies. PREDICT Australia provides high value ROI to our clients by exploiting existing process control data and does not require any additional sensors. PREDICT Australia's solution also provides automatic diagnosis of dysfunctions based on available data.

Site Facilities

All PREDICT Australia's operations are done out of our Adelaide office in the new Lot Fourteen precinct.

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