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Company Capabilities

Approvals, compliance and regulation:
Our team has experience in undertaking compliance and conformance reviews against licence or development approval conditions, against legislation and regulations, against ISO AS/NZS 14001 requirements or against contractual obligations.

Our team is experienced in environmental impact assessment, Programs for Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation (PEPRs), mining proposal documentation and development approvals. We have an understanding and appreciation of regulatory requirements and government expectations across the local, state and federal Australian government jurisdictions.

Impact and risk assessment:
Our Approvals Team assist clients to prepare, collate and communicate Development Applications, Impact Assessment Studies, PEPRs, Mining Proposals, PERs and SEOs,

We have the capabilities to develop site-specific risk assessment tools as part of your site contamination program. Other skills that our team possesses including risk assessment for mining activities, assessing aspects and impacts for environmental management systems (EMS) Planning and Management.

We have the expertise to play an advisory role to a specific project team or a support role to a departmental team. We can provide advice on dealing with regulators, acts as an intermediary between your company and regulators as well as providing strategic advice on managing site contamination.

In site contamination assessment, we provides professional advice and services in:
Contaminated site assessment and remediation
Due diligence reviews
Site history investigations (phase 1)
Environmental site assessments (phase 1 and 2, screening risk assessment and details risk assessments (DRA)
Soil and groundwater sampling programs
Advice in relation to potential liabilities
Risk assessments
Remediation action plans (RAPs)

Our team has considerable experience working with Environmental Auditors (contaminated Land) and has been involved in environmental site assessments for land changing from industrial use, through to residential use.

We undertake our work in accordance with the appropriate standards and protocols. We understand the expectations of regulators, planning authorities and corporate, and consider the commercial and legal climates and the general concerns of the entire community.

Systems and continuous improvement:
We have the expertise to undertake compliance and surveillance audits of your environmental management system (EMS). Our auditors have had experience across a wide range of industry types and are happy to work with you to achieve certification of continuous improvement of your management system.

Verification, checking and third party review:
Our team has the expertise to undertake third party reviews of management plans or reports. This task in undertaken in a professional and constructive manner to add value to the existing document or scope of work.

Stakeholder engagement:
We have experience in developing stakeholder engagement plans which align with industry best practice. We can develop a range of printed and visual tools that to assist in delivering information to stakeholders as part of a coordinated engagement plan.

Quality Assurance Details

Certified AS/NZS ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) (also certified to AS/NZS ISO 14001; OSHS 18001 and AS/NZS 4801)

Scope of Activities

Environmental consulting advice in compliance, identification of risks and development of management strategies, facilitating regulatory communications and reporting, contaminated site assessment, environmental impact assessment and management, environmental approvals (mainly under the Development Act, the Environment Protection Act and the Mining Act).

Company Advantage

Cost effective, flexible and familiar with undertaking business in the Upper Spencer Gulf region.

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Specialist Services

Provision of professional services by environmental consultants with science and engineering qualifications with postgraduate training in management, health and safety, environmental management and legal studies.

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