Company Description

Birubi is a small but efficient, and proudly South Australian licenced civil contractor.

Our track record of successful projects and positive client feedback evidences that we punch well above our weight in terms of the size, range and quality of the work we do.  We strive to show a compliance-driven and professional approach to everything we do.

We work collaboratively as a close-knit team, dedicated to the achievement of Birubi’s corporate objectives, foremost of which is to provide employment, training and development opportunities to Aboriginal people. Because we are a small team, we are committed to support each other, and understand that professional performance and client satisfaction are the key to a stream of continuing work that allows us to fulfil the Birubi objectives. On every job that we do, we aim to understand our client’s requirements and deliver exceptional quality of work and value-for money. On every job we do, we try to maximise the opportunities for Aboriginal employment, and we are constantly looking for ways that we can incorporate training, upskilling, mentoring and skills transfer to Aboriginal people.

Our key people, which includes technical expertise, understand these objectives and welcome the inherent challenges in meeting them.  We understand that to continue with this work that Birubi needs to grow, not just in size and resources, but in the nature and scope of work that we take on.  With our vision of what we want to become and where we want to be, we provide exciting and challenges to our teams that provide more than just a job to be done.

Birubi is always proactive, ready and willing to provide input to the project design where we have the knowledge and experience to do so.  Again, this is just one aspect of innovation – if we can see a better way of doing something, or a potential problem, we will want to bring solutions to the table, regardless of who stands to benefit – generally innovation will be to the benefit of all parties.

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53 Patterson Street, Whyalla SA, Australia

Company Capabilities

Civil construction including:

• Earthworks, pavements, roadworks, bituminous surfacing
• Civil demolition
• Minor concrete works
• Stormwater drainage, utility services, trenching
• Environmental infrastructure, hard landscaping and revegetation
• Defence Procurement Protocols (CHOTO)
• Professional construction management

Quality Assurance Details

ISO45001 Work Health & Safety
ISO9001 Quality Management Systems
ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems

Accreditations In progress:
Federal Safety Accreditation (FSC)
Defence Industry Security Program (DISP)

Major Current or Recently Completed Work

Cultana Classification Range Remediation (2021)
Department of Defence

Leigh Creek Signage Installation (2021)
Department of Transport and Infrastructure

Cultana Heritage Sign Installation (2021)

Yorkies Crossing Road Upgrade (2021)
Department of Transport and Infrastructure

Port Augusta Joy Baluch Bridge Access Road (2020)
Department of Transport and Infrastructure

Any many more. Please request a copy of our capability statement

Major Customers

Department of Defence
Department of Transport and Infrastructure (DIT)
Department of Premier and Cabinet
SA Water

Company Information
  • Birubi Australia
  • 12 164 458 628
  • 2013
  • 53 Patterson Street
  • 0429 696 725
Further Information
  • Sue Abbott
  • General Manager
  • 0429696725
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