Company Description

Azure Integrity are an engineered solutions provider that specialises in Robotics, Analytics, AI, and smart technologies.

We implement advanced technologies to provide a true insight to data, and collaborate with clients across Power Generation, Renewables, Utilities, Oil and Gas, Mining and Resources, and Architecture, Engineering and Construction, to save time, ensure safety, and increase the efficiency of projects and processes.

Our mission is to provide a reliable solution to data collection using intelligent robotic solutions, which range from Internal and External Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) and Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROV’s).


37 Ellemsea Circuit, Lonsdale SA, Australia

Company Capabilities

Our UAV, ROV and crawler inspection services include:
- General Visual Inspections (GVI) and Close Visual Inspections (CVI)
- Survey
- Thermographic, Lidar and NDVI capabilities
- Mapping and Photogrammetry
- Confined space for both structures and tanks
- Sub-surface
- Live Stream

Our industries include:
- Power Generation & Renewables
- Utilities
- Oil & Gas
- Mining & Resources
- Architecture, Engineering & Infrastructure

Quality Assurance Details

In alignment with ISO9001 Quality Management (uncertified)

Major Current or Recently Completed Work

Visual UAV Inspection - TEPUK Assets
Visual/UT ROV Inspection - TEPUK Assets
Visual/Thermal UAV Inspection - Sinopec Assets (Offshore)

Plant & Equipment

DJI Matrice 300D
Flyability Elios 2
Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance
ACE Mag-UT UAV (Custom Developed)
Deep Trekker GT3 ROV

Scope of Activities

Visual Inspection
3D Laser Scanning (Mapping)
Thermographic Imaging
RFID Inspection
Ultrasonic Inspection
Internal Inspection
Gas Imaging
Sub-surface Inspection
Pipe and Tank Inspection

Company Advantage

Azure Integrity offer a range of key benefits to clients, including:

- Large volume of accurate and comprehensive information outputs
- Reduced risk by removing personnel from dangerous/hazardous areas
- Access to difficult or previously inaccessible environments
- Minimal impact upon the area under survey
- Rapid coverage of the specified area
- Reduced cost versus land based methods, helicopters and light aircraft

Site Facilities

Asia Pacific Headquarters - Adelaide Australia

Company Information
  • Azure Integrity Pty Ltd
  • 30 647 076 533
  • 2021
  • 37 Ellemsea Circuit
  • 08 7079 2825
Further Information
  • Andrew McIntyre
  • Operations Manager
  • 0870792825
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